Wholesale VoIP

Our VoIP business service is suitable for small and medium businesses. We are committed to providing each of our clients with high-quality international calls which saves you a portion of the communication.
In order to satisfy the demand of different types of enterprises, our VoIP wholesale service is classified into three kinds of product: Standard route, Premium route and Call Center route, providing calls to and receive calls back from all the countries in the world with competitive rates.

Standard route:

CLI not supported
High call quality guaranteed at low rates
ASR required is greater than 50% and ACD necessary to be longer than 2minutes.

Premium route:

CLI supported
Superior-quality service at competitive rates.
ASR required is greater than 60% and ACD necessary to be longer than 2 minutes.

Call Center route:

Service quality guaranteed at competitive rates for traffic of large-volume and low-duration calls.
Additionally, we offer routes containing various prefixes in order to specialize your enterprise’s specific demand. Please contact us for best price and more information.

About Ringer

Based on VOIP technology, we keep pefecting our services for the need of personal and business international calling.

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