Click to Call button on the website

Click-to-call, or 'webcalling' is changing customer communication. It allows customers to call you from within your website in just a click. Webcalling is the future of customer communication.

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Click to Call button on the website

Fee receive incoming call from your cutomers

Low cost international calls with landline, mobile and very low with Ringer app, softphone

What is click to call Ringer button
and why must have it?

Click-to-call Ringer button is a plugin that embed to your website and you can create channels to support your customers as sales, support services, technical and warranty... In each channel, you can route calls from customers to your listeners, unlimited quantity, regardless of listener's location because this international call is performed based VoIP high voice quality.

Click-to-call makes it easy for customers to reach you by removing the step of copying and pasting the phone number or trying to memorize it. With one simple tap, they are connected to your team and this is a free call for your customers.

9 Benefits of Click-to-Call

No dialing or remembering numbers

Ensures better customer service and also eliminates any hesitation of the customer. So you’ve easily provided them with a hotline on which they can ask you questions without having to copy and paste your phone number to a telephone dialer.

Free for customers

For your customers, this is a free call from the browser that requires no downloads plugins or telephone. Reduces any extra effort that the user would have to expend to connect with you. For you, it is cost VoIP rate, very small. Please see here.

Easy, quicker communication

This is a serious consideration for all your mobile customer because providing a call button on an app or a website creates a seamless process for customer communication. No one would like to fidget between 2 apps just to dial a number.

Convert web-based traffic

Your website has great traffic from ads (Facebook, Google Adwords...) or from sharing on social networks or from SEO campaigns on SE. Convert this traffic into direct telephone communications that will make the most of your resources..

Voice Recorder

Our system provides the possibility to track and save your calls automatically with high-quality audio recorder and an easy-to-use audio files manager as download audio to your computer, time of the call and listener who call handling.

Advanced call routing to any phone

The ability to customize who receives calls with automation features unlimited quantity or regardless location of listener in each channel. Compatible with multinational virtual offices, product sales in many different countries.

Go Beyond Voice

Webcalling allows you to easily add video calling, text-chat, document sharing and virtual assistant. Video calling with assistant allows true face-to-face international communication, multilingual live support: speaking and subtext.

Right Agent, Right Time

Customers don't like IVRs. So, a visual IVR need to lets a customer pick who they want to speak to. It's easier to read a channel's list than to navigate an IVR option tree. And your customers connect to an expert with just one click!.

Intelligent communications

Other with dial a regular telephone number, webcalling is the ultimate funnel optimisation tool. It let you suggest a text-chat, a file sharing, a voice call or even a video session to your customer. More interaction, the more selective you can be.

How does a Click to Call works?

A click-to-call button or link on your website makes it easy for users to quickly reach your customers care center with a single click.


Your options with webcalling's Ringer are limitless! Easily add click to call button to any Content Management System or use our API for a custom integration.

Setup GuidesDownload from Github

Click to Call Service Pricing

Click to call service fees are calculated in the way that your agents support customers,
Support any softphone, IP phone, international phone number, DIDs.
No setup cost, No monthly cost, No minimum commitment.
AgentsListen inFee
Account Ringer Online

Ringer App, Zoiper, 3CX, Xline, Linphone…

0.2 cents/min
Account Ringer Offline

Forward call to agent's phone number

This option need to enable in setting account

Please see VoIP rates table
Register phone numberCall to agent's phone numberPlease see VoIP rates table
Agent phone number
Agent's country

Billing Increment

Call to

Argentina1/13.87 cents/min
Canada6/60.44 cents/min
China1/12.5 cents/min
France1/11.07 cents/min
Germany1/10.48 cents/min
India1/11.91 cents/min
Italy1/11.22 cents/min
Japan1/11.77 cents/min
Korea (South)1/11.46 cents/min
United Kingdom1/10.86 cents/min
United States6/61.04 cents/min

Find more rates Voip service of other countries. Please look here.

Watch the video about installing and using our webcalling


A collection of webcalling guides gives users a better experience using our webcalling: Creating a new account, Using the portal, Integrations, Widget Customization, create channels hotline, add agents...
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